François Hodierne

Web Technologist



Interim Frontend Engineer (June 2015 - January 2016)

Backend Engineer (June 2011 - June 2015)

The Story: In June 2011, I stopped working on La Distribution and started consulting again. At the same time, I met the nice founders of EyeEm who were in need for help on their backend. I started working with them as a contractor, things went really well and after some time I eventually moved as a full time employee.

Achievement: helped scale the company from ~6 people, ~5K users and ~0$ to 60+ people, 10M+ users, 50M+ photos and 24M$+ in funding.

Sample Projects:

The Stack: AWS, Ubuntu, nginx, PHP, Memcache, Redis, MySQL, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Cassandra. Javascript, React, node.js.

La Distribution

Founder (January 2009 - June 2011)

The Story: After Netvibes, I decided to become independent and split my time between freelance work and special projects. I progressively focused on La Distribution which unfortunately didn't break through.

Key Features:


Chief Architect (January 2006 - November 2008)

The Story: I met Tariq Krim, Founder of Netvibes, at a conference in Paris a few months after he launched the product. We chatted about the API strategy and figured I could help. I started as a contractor, became more and more involved and finally joined full time. There I launched a successful developer platform and ended as Chief Architect, responsible for the platform vision and technical strategy.

Achievement: helped scale the company from 1 person, ~100K users and ~0$ to 40 people, 10M+ users and 15M$+ in funding. The UWA platform was a key asset when selling Netvibes to Dassault Systèmes.

Sample Projects:


Technical Director (October 2001 - October 2006)

The Story: In September 2001, right after the dotcom crash, looking for a first job as a developer was tough. I finally met the founder of Upian, Alexandre Brachet, and was hired to code, an improbable website covering the french 2002 presidential election. Things went really well and I then helped the company start and grow its web agency activity, providing my technical guidance and developer magics.


Extra Projects

Bouncer + Access Watch

Creator (since June 2010)


Founder (since January 2004)


Paris Web 2015

Open Source


AMQP library for PHP